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It’s been in the works for ten months. Thousands of man hours have be invested in it. Nearly 200 people (many volunteers) were involved in its creation. We had a number of initially insurmountable creative, technical and winemaking challenges along the way, but after all of that, we are happy to report that our open source baby, The Siren, is now a reality.

Hugh broke the news last week.

This is the week when we launch it to the UK general trade at the annual Wines of South Africa tasting in London.


The whole open source experiment was about trying to create something that was really different – by definition, an object that we couldn’t have come up with ourselves, a vision of nearly two hundred people who care about how we are doing things. We hoped that through our joint vision, we could possibly disrupt the paradigm of how wine is supposed to look and feel.

When you first pick up a bottle of Siren, you’re not sure if the wine is sealed in a contemporary crystal decanter. The bottle, by the way, is made in a special glass factory that only makes what is called “super white” glass. While it is not crystal, the bottle is of a quality that is far superior to any other wine bottle that you have probably ever seen. The factory only makes this type of glass. The silica is of a higher quality that assures flawless crystal clear bottles.

There are just two wines, which we will post about in more detail, separately. The Sauvignon is in our trademark, fresh style but with more intense fruit than the regular wine. The Pinotage is a bit darker and richer than our standard issue, which by the way, with our recent award and all, has made Graham a bit of a celeb in South Africa over the last month. He’s been so busy dealing with local orders and radio interviews, that he hasn’t had much time to post, but he promises to remedy that as soon as he can.

Sorry, for our friends in America, we have no ETA for release, but if you email Ian at Palm Bay Imports, and let him know you want a bottle or two, maybe they’ll be encouraged to import some.

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  1. i must say that i didnt see this coming. i have relative expectations from stormhoek and i feel as though the blog has changed a bit, grown into shoes bigger than i can handle. but the quality here is beautiful. i love simple and subtle beauty.

  2. Thanks Cypherpoet, we were hoping to create something that people would get joy from just having on their table 🙂



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