Jay-Z Bigs Up Unknown Champagne


Having booted Cristal into touch over comments made by Roederer head man, Frederic Rouzaud, which the famous rapper considered racist, Jay-Z has now fallen in love with Armand de Brignac.

The Champagne company based in Chigny-Les-Roses is virtually unknown… Or, shall I say, ‘was’ virtually unknown.

Their top fizz is packaged in a gold plated bottle and the label is made of polished pewter.

So now, Brignac have hot footed it over to the USA to find an importer. The official launch is planned for December 06. Their boss, Brett Berish reckons the wine known simply as Ace of Spades or just Ace, will sell for about 300 bucks a throw.

I did some digging about and found that the brand is owned by Champagne house Cattier. They have a very similar looking product called Antique which sells in the UK for about £35. Surely Ace isn’t the same product in another bottle?

Given that Cattier have been making wine since 1920, it’s odd that the only reference to Armand de Brignac seems to be the endorsement by Jay-Z. AdeB might be a new invention, but the homies are bound to lap it up in the back of the Bentley.

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