Global warming is real

Many Pinotage vineyards are planted as bushvines. Winemakers feel that the variety gives richer juice when the vines grow in this absolutely natural way.

Stormhoek’s absurdly early 2007 harvest is a demonstration to the world that temperatures are on the increase.
Is anyone listening? Mr. Bush, you can abandon your doubts. It’s true. We’re picking grapes 2 weeks earlier this year. It’s the earliest that anyone can remember, at least anyone under 50. I don’t count, as others feel that older people always think that things were better in the past.

We started picking Stormhoek Pinotage 2007 on the 30th of January and finished on the 31st. Some things to note. The vines are grown as bush vines (not trellised on wire supported by poles), just like rose bushes. They are near to the ground, so the pickers have to be supple.
Bush vines always produce a balanced crop of grapes. That means that the proportion between the number of branches and leaves (green stuff) can support the number of bunches of grapes, while still remaining healthy.
And you won’t see any irrigation lines.
So though the climate is dry and hot, the vine sends its roots down into the clay-rich soil and its moisture load.
If you want to make great Pinotage, these are some of the things you have to be aware of.
More to come as the fermentation starts.


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