Love on a Fairground Attraction

We went to Blackpool (a well known seaside resort on the northwest coast of England and a favourite holiday destination for the gay community) on Sunday and it was absolutely freezing! All three of us had never been there so it was a rather “interesting” experience, to say the least…I reckon it’s better in Summer…

We took Hugh for ice cream and candyfloss and went for a walk on the famous Blackpool pier. No girls around though, so he braved a “wild ride” all on his own :0)

Watch the movie clip… poor bloke flying around like a hamster at high speed in a wheel ;0)

After fun on the pier, we went to the Blackpool Tesco Extra store where we met the most wonderful girl, Louis, at the back of the store. She’s gay and had the most wonderful story to tell us and reinforced the fact that really, at the end of the day, all we want and need is good old fashioned love with a little bit of passion sprinkled on the top! 🙂

Funny Love,


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