Back in South Africa, the Baboons Roam…


Whilst all the action is happening with “The Stormhoek/Tesco Love Tour” in the UK, we have an amusing rendition of Gorillas in the Mist, in our vineyards…

An hour before Sunrise, back in the Cape, I heard a rustle ouside… Twas a troop of baboons in our Mountainside Chenin Blanc vineyard, munching on sweet grapes for breakfast… When i realised they were eating grapes in our highest block, I headed up the mountain to sneak a view. Unfortunately, the “lookout” spotted me and the group (ma and pa and many teenagers and baboonettes) melted away into the mountain fynbos.

All I had to show for their presence was a flattened vine where a 70kg baboon (pa) had been reclining and munching bunches.

Not a bad start to a sunny Saturday morning… nothing like a little excitement on both sides of the world! ;0)

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