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Four days to go..

We were chatting at breakfast this morning about people and how important it is to communicate and engage with them. One of the best things about this trip has been the many wonderful people we have met, who were only too delighted to talk to us about love and special memories…

A great moment for us, was speaking to one of the Tesco duty managers, who told us that Stormhoek “Big Love” Rose bottles are selling like hotcakes and that she had set up an extra fixture for the wine on the gondola end near the fresh foods aisle – it looked fab! Thing is, we want our product to move and sell and we want people to have fun in the whole process, from the Tesco staff having a giggle at the outer cases, to the customers having a giggle at the labels and enjoying the wine. Whilst this was only one store, it was still great to hear considering the wine has only been on shelf a week.

We don’t feel this will end on Valentine’s Day…In fact we think the beginning starts at the end (if you get my drift)… We’ve absolutely loved making these films and we have the most amazing filmmaker who has been working flat out every day. We don’t know what we’d do without him! – Colin Kennedy


Good ol’ Hugh has also enjoyed seeing the Hughtrain working in action. As he says “real products in real stores, as opposed to just online & theoretical”.

We’re off to more stores now.

The search continues…



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