Stormhoek/Tesco Love Tour – Movie Update

The final footage of Hugh and Stomhoek’s exploits will be uploaded this evening and there will be a potentially cerebral version of the story within the next month. Check the blog for little snippets from the rushes on a regular basis (e.g. the raw unadulterated footage of Hugh on the whirligig thingy in Blackpool – a truly tear inducingly funny moment).

These are the last notes I will be writing for the moment. I really hope people have enjoyed watching Hugh’s exploits as he toured the country, it’s rare to spend time in the company of someone who is profound, funny, and totally from the heart. He has artfully fallen between the stooge and the sage on this trip, no mean feat for a first time performance in front of the camera.

Working with Catherine and Hugh has been great fun, we have run the full gamut of emotions – at times crying with laughter and at others squaring off for a full on brawl in one of the many car parks we have found ourselves in, but it’s an experience I will never forget…

Colin x


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