UK Retail Consolidation

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UK Retail Consolidation doesn’t just mean that your choice for UK shopping is, say Tesco or Asda and um, Asda or Tesco. It means that for us little guys, these grocers get tougher to deal with all of the time. As a little winery we can’t compete with the budgets of the Big Guys, so we need to try to level the playing field.

It’s no different in Germany where the choices are even more limited.

Al and I stopped off in Hamburg a few weeks back and took some unsuspecting prospects out for a nice dinner. Our weapon of choice that night was a cocktail of Riesling, more Riesling, Rohypnol with a wee dram of Ketamine as a deal closer. [I think some of the K made its way into my glass; -))]

No doubt you will be awed by how these poor folk became putty in our hands. Here, for the world to see, is insight into the secret behind how we are spreading the Stormhoek meme across the globe.

Please don’t tell the Big Guys.


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