“Drunken Doodles”


We love our cartoons at Stormhoek, especially the ones by Hugh Macleod.

The Telegraph today, states that a “drunken doodle”, drawn on a wall by Picasso, has been bought for 250 000 pounds, by The Wellcome Trust, the UK’s biggest medical charity.

Drawn in 1950, in crayon, on plaster, it represents the only “mural” Picasso produced in England.

The drawing, which according to The Wellcome Trust, symbolises “an unusual meeting of great scientific and artistic minds”, will be put on display as part of the Wellcome Collection, a 30 million pound venue exploring the connections between medicine, life and art.

The Collection goes “live” in London, in June 2007.

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  1. hugh macleod

    Sadly, I’m not in the same league as Picasso. But nobody else is, either.

  2. Hey Cath, the Times story points out that he was “plastered” on red wine when he did this. Just goes to show that even genius needs a little liquid inspiration every now and then. What Stormhoek varietal would inspire a picaso doodle do you think?

  3. Hey David

    Hmmm… Perhaps our famous Stormhoek Pinotage… the little genius that won the best Pinotage in the world? Alternatively, my free spirit tends to say the (unreleased as of yet) Stormhoek “Fireflies” Cabernet Sauvignon… 1000s of little fireflies light up our mountain vineyards at night, every October… Or is that too romantic 🙂


  4. Sam

    This story’s great, I especially like the fact that at some point during proceedings everybody at the party decided the picture was too ‘grumpy’… so he got back on his chair and added wings and a companion. Excellent!

  5. *rubs eyes a few times*

    I read this whole post as “Drunken noodles”, got to the end and still couldn’t understand how it had anything to do with noodles.

    *shakes head*

    It’s Friday afternoon and I really REALLY need a drink!


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