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Great book out by Howard Gardner, “Five Minds for the Future” and covered by an article in the Times Online today.

* The article discusses Gardener’s theory, that in order to survive and be successful in the 21st century, we have to be able to think in certain cognitive ways in order to deal with the changing world and information technology and overload.

* Times UK today:”He identifies this priceless pentad as: the disciplined mind, schooled in basic subjects such as history, science and art but, crucially, a master of one profession, vocation or craft; the synthesising mind, which can make sense of disparate pieces of information (Gardner identifies this as a key trait of good managers and highlights its importance in the age of the internet); the creating mind, capable of asking new questions and finding imaginative answers; the respectful mind, which shows an appreciation of different cultures; and the ethical mind, which enables one to behave responsibly as a worker and citizen.” He goes on to state that the last two are just as important as the others, due to the evolution of the human species and the fact that culture, money, information etc. cross all borders and are live for all to see on the internet and news.

* Our school educatory system should be reading this, adapting to change and helping kids prepare for the world of today/tomorrow. I and many others believe that one part of this, finance management, should be taught at school. Not only how to manage a bank account, but what a mortgage is, bills one incurs when you move into your own home, ISAs, credit cards and so on. This should be taught in increasing levels of detail from when we are young through to 16/18 yrs of age when we leave school.

There’s so much to comment on and not enough space, so definately take the time to read the article online!

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