Gapingvoid art makes a hit in Cape Town

long street

My name is Chris and although I’m originally from the UK,for the last year and a half my job has basically been to help get new clients and then make sure they are well looked after over here in South Africa. Yes I love my job and all my friends are jealous (doing lots of wine tasting’s can be hard don’t you know) and although I do get called a soutie every now and then, generally life is fun in the sun.

This week during one of my rounds to make sure that all the Stormhoek clients in the Cape are pampered and happy, I saw the above sketch in a popular bar called Long Street Cafe, which is surprisingly located in Long street (the main party street) in the city center.

I had sent the owner of the bar some of Hugh Macleod’s  great cartoons in an email a month or so ago as he wanted to use one as a screen saver. After a little catch up chat with him I found out he liked the above cartoon so much he had paid a local artist to copy it onto a 9ft wide and 6 ft high chalk board and hang it above his bar !

If anyone is taking a holiday in Cape Town and wants to go have a look the details are here, not sure how long it will be there for, but if anyone else knows of another ridiculously large version of one of Hugh’s cartoons please let us know.

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  1. Brilliant! My girlfriend has the same one hanging up in her lounge!

  2. Who needs an advertising agency!

  3. Hey, cool
    In the rainy UK & packing my bags now to fly to Cape Town for 4 days: I’ll see if I can stop by the bar

  4. Hugh Macleod rocks my world. I am actually speaking at the Oregon Wine Association convention in a couple of weeks, and am using Stormhoek’s marketing (via Hugh and the blogosphere) as a case study. I think you folks have done a wonderful job with Hugh AND your social-network-aware (award-winning) marketing.

    Keep up the great work, and thank you for pushing the envelope…


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