Stormhook and Le Book Deux


When the Uber badasses at Le Book rang recently to invite us to again participate in their London Show, we wondered if we could help get their creative juices stoked by pouring a bit of Stormhoek on the proverbial fire.

As you know, mash ups are our kind of thing, so we loved the idea of having some fun with the who’s who of the top Modeling and Artistic agents. The idea behind the event is to get the best creatives in the world together for some networking, trend spotting and portfolio viewing.





This year’s Three Volume Le Book UK was designed by Vivienne Westwood and the sort of folks in attendance were from companies like: Swarovski, Vanity Fair, Bvlgari, Chiat Day, Tiffany and Glamour.

Last year we turned these guys onto Couture, which after a sniff or two, they loved on ice. It was a new experience for the Dom Perignon set. They all knew that South Africa was somewhere they NEEDED to be.

This year, by the end of the evening, everyone wanted to “Change The World”.

We’ll see.



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