Let’s Play: Changing the World, One Sip at a Time

snapshot-2009-01-19-18-49-49.tiffWe all know that politics and alcohol, don’t mix. The incumbent President of the United States had to give up one for the other, but that is another story. In any case, the bright sparks over at The San Francisco Weekly, have proposed The Obama Inaugural Drinking Game. The suggested game is below:

Take a small sip of whatever you’ve got if: 

Obama mentions his wife or family by first name; He mentions Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid; He mentions Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, or his own numerous Kenyan relatives; “Hope” or “Change” is uttered;He talks about puppies. 

Take a moderate sip, if: 

He mentions John McCain or Sarah Palin (or winks); He mentions some random American from a swing state who’s up shit creek health- and economics-wise; He uses the terms “crisis,” “meltdown,” “Depression,” or “Ponzi”;

Drink liberally, if: He connects the departure of George W. Bush with the most well-known term from his home state: “Aloha”; “Allow me to express my feelings with this brief interlude of interpretive dance”; He quotes Dick Cheney; He quotes Cheney and follows it up by clutching his heart and shouting “Here I come, ‘Lizbeth! It’s the big one!

Go on a rampage, if: Profanity is uttered; Obama has the Rev. Rick Warren finish the speech for him in an act of bipartisanship; He mentions that betting a dollar in Vegas that a black man would be sworn in as president in the same year the Arizona Cardinals went to the Super Bowl would make you a millionaire many times over.    

———————————————————————————————————————————————-We would never condone the imprudent consumption of alcohol, but it seems that given that we sold a couple of million bottles last year proclaiming “Change the World or Go Home” on the label, that participating just this once, in mixing wine and politics would be okay. After all, it is a momentous occasion and the world certainly needs some changin’.




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