Cape Town- Alpine

So, after some delay, finally the wine arrived in Alpine, and rather than everyone gathering in the town square, waiting for the RNDC truck to unload and rejoice with the arrival of our fabulous wine, we were met with blank stares. “South What?”  they said- “I didn’t know they made wine in Africa”, others added, most folks said, “We’re gonna stick with our local wine“, but then, they tasted it at Harry’s, and then started to read the label. The idea of possibility started to sink in. Hugh said that he felt like Junipero Serra journeying to Baja California- “there was a lot of converting to do”.  

Alas, Alpine has nearly 6,000 inhabitants, there are almost twenty accounts that sell wine, and if we hope to become a major player in this town, we have to get moving, do the hard work, and start spreading the word. Alpine today… Marfa tomorrow, then on to New Braunfels… they’ll be no stopping us.

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  1. Anybody knows where Alpine is situated?


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