Working the Market


More hard work, getting the word out with no budget. We did the sign in the desert, which at least, dozens of people have seen. Now, our chance to dig deep into the consciousness the town: Really up the awareness!¬†Hugh¬†strikes out, looking for the most strategic places to post some of our “Dream Big, Alpine” posters. It was hot, and he was parched. All part of a days work building a major international brand in West Texas.

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  1. Stefania Doria

    I love yr way of communicating yr passion for wine, the video is really funny, there’s no winery in the world like you!!!


  2. Daniel Boone, played by Fess Parker, might object to you using his theme music to sell a wine other than his own label.
    Just something to be aware of.
    Love your work though!


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